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SYMMETRIC RESEARCH - Precision Instrumentation

Symmetric Research specializes in high resolution electronic data acquisition and test instruments

Our products feature 24 bit A/D data acquisition systems with ready to go software
Precision voltage references and GPS timing units are also available

Accurately digitize voltages from sensors and machines with our cost effective DAQ equipment

Featured Product
    24 bit 8 channel A/D connecting to USB port
    Sampling rates from 3Hz to 10kHz with continuous save
    Unique A/D per channel architecture
    GPS timing interface, onboard temp sensor, and digital io
    Includes digital volt meter and oscilloscope programs

Featured Paper
    Papers: Scaling and Biasing Analog Signals
    Describes scaling and biasing techniques
    For changing analog signal range and offset
    Using 2 resistor and 3 resistor circuits
    Using Op Amp techniques
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