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SYMMETRIC RESEARCH - Precision Instrumentation

Featured Product

    USB4CH  New
    24 bit 4 channel A/D connecting to PC USB port
    Sampling rates from 3Hz to 10kHz with continuous save
    GPS timing interface and onboard temperature sensor
    4 digital inputs and outputs
    Includes digital volt meter and oscilloscope programs

Symmetric Research specializes in high resolution electronic data acquisition and test instruments

Our product catalog features 24 bit A/D systems with ready to go software for the PC
Precision voltage references, amplifiers, GPS timing units, and terminal boards are also available

Accurately measure voltages from sensors and machines with our cost effective DAQ equipment

Great For Use In
    Industrial Plants, Laboratories, Field Boxes, Museums, and Schools
With Applications Like
    Seismology, Infrasound, Chromatography, Process Control, and Education

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