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Product Features Use With Price
AMP4CH-DF 4 channels, gain = 100 (40 Db), differential inputs PAR4CH $250

The AMP4CH-DF provides resistor settable gains up to 100x for our PAR4CH data acquisition systems. The inputs and outputs are differential so they provide the best signal to noise performance.

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AMP4CH-DF -- click for tour

AMP4CH-DF Spec Sheet

Not recommended for new designs.

AMP4CH-DF Amplifier Features

    Amplifies four differential analog channels
    Gain of 100 standard
    Custom gains possible
    Adds almost no noise when amplifying
    Low 120 milliamp current draw
    Price $250 for bundled "in the box" system
    Spec Table
    PDF Documents & Software
AMP4CH-DF -- click for tour

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Product Description

The AMP4CH-DF is a 4 channel amplifier for use with differential inputs like those needed to drive the PAR4CH 24-bit data acquisition system. In its standard configuration, the AMP4CH-DF provides a gain of 100 on each analog input channel while using only 120 ma.

The AMP4CH-DF allows high resolution acquisition of very small signals. With its standard x 100 gain, the AMP4CH-DF allows signals as small as +/- 100 millivolt to span the full +/- 10 volt analog input range of the PAR4CH. Designed with extremely good noise characteristics, the AMP4CH-DF adds almost no detectable noise to the final acquired data.

The AMP4CH-DF comes with all the accessories you need. These include an enclosure that stacks nicely with the PAR4CH and the power and D-shell cables for connecting to the PAR4CH. All you supply are the analog inputs.

The gain on each channel is controlled by a resistor. Soldering on a different resistor changes the gain. Custom gain configurations are available for a small fee when placing your order.

Specifications Table

Channels: 4  
Gain: Factor of 100 or 40 Db  
Analog Input Type: Differential  FAQ note 
Analog Input Voltage: +/-100mv with gain of 100 and PAR4CH  FAQ note 
Analog Input Impedance: Resistor in parallel with high impedance op amp input. Nominally 51K.  FAQ note 
Analog Input Header: 15 pin D-Shell or plain wire with TRM15E  
Analog Input Cable: Not supplied, twisted pair recommended  FAQ note 
Noise: Resolution, crosstalk and common mode rejection of PAR4CH unchanged at an amplifier gain of 100  FAQ note 
PAR4CH Connection: 15 pin D-Shell female-female cable and 2.1mm daisy chain power cable  
Power Requirements: 9 to 24 vdc or vac, 9 volts DC preferred, 120ma @+9v  
Board Dimension: 5.25" W x 6.00" D, same as PAR4CH  
Enclosure Dimension: 5.50" W x 1.63" H x 6.50" D  
ROHS Compliance: Compilant by exemption  FAQ note 
Price: See "in the box" table below  

Documents PDF icon and Software

These documents represent the complete specs for this product. They can also be found on our Legacy Downloads page.

AMP4CH-DF Documents
Category Description Rev File # bytes
Product Flyer AMP4CH-DF specs 2012/01/05 flyamp4chdf.pdf 47,729

Price Table

The following items may be purchased individually or at a discount as a bundled "in the box" system. When purchasing a AMP4CH-DF "in the box" system, the following are included:

AMP4CH-DF In The Box
Item Description Price
BOARD-AMP4CH-DF Four channel amplifier with 100x gain $220
CASE-AMP4CH-DF Vinyl coated steel enclosure with rubber feet $40
CABLE-RIBBON15-FF 5" DB15 female to female ribbon cable sends amplified input to A/D $5
CABLE-2.1-MM 6" power cable with 2.1mm plugs on each end for daisy chaining power $5
CD-AMP4CH-DF CD with PDF user manual $1
  Individual item subtotal = $271
  "In the box" discount ( box contents photo ) - $21
AMP4CH-DF Final price (how to order) = $250


Some users may want to consider these additional options:

AMP4CH-DF Options
Item Description Price
9 vdc wall transformer (US 110 or Euro 220 vac) for powering the
AMP4CH-DF separately rather than daisy chaining with the PARxCH
AMP4CH-CHANGE-GAIN Install custom gain resistors on each AMP4CH-DF channel.
Contact customer support for the available values.
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