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Legacy GPS Products

This page lists legacy or discontinued GPS products only

For a list of the current SR GPS time stamping products, please see the GPS Product Selector

Legacy A/D GPS Accessories
Product PPS Description Replaced By Price
USBXCH-GPS-DB25 Yes Old style USBGPS timing system USBGPS N/A
PARGPS Yes PARxCH A/D timing system, NMEA, 10us typical USBGPS $285
PARGPS-GPS-DB09 Yes Garmin 18x LVC, 9 pin D-shell none $90
PARGPS-GPS-FLANGE-MOUNT N/A Garmin 18x flange mount with screw holes none $15

The SR PARGPS worked with the legacy PARxCH family of A/D systems and is now a legacy product. For GPS time stamping data from our USBxCH data acquisition systems, see the USBGPS.

USBXCH-GPS-DB25 Spec Sheet

The USBGPS is recommend for new designs.

USBXCH-GPS-DB25 Timing Features

    Please use the USBGPS instead
    GPS time stamping of data
    Works with USBxCH A/D's
    Daisy chains power from USBxCH A/D
    Connect to USBxCH digital I/O DB25 on front panel
USBXCH-GPS-DB25 -- click for tour

PARGPS Spec Sheet

Not recommended for new designs.

PARGPS Timing Features

    For USBxCH GPS funtionality see the USBGPS
    GPS time stamping of data
    Works with PARxCH A/D's
    Precision pulse per second (PPS)
    Serial RS232 NMEA strings
    Low 85 milliamp current draw
    Connects to RS232 serial port on PC
    Application software with source
    Price $285 for bundled "in the box" system
    Spec Table
    PDF Documents & Software
PARGPS -- click for tour

Download PDF Product Flyer PDF icon , User Manual PDF icon

Product Description

The PARGPS provides accurate time stamping for data acquired with the SR PAR1CH, PAR4CH, or PAR8CH 24 bit A/D boards. The system typically provides a timing accuracy of 10 microsecond (usec) when used with the PAR1CH or PAR4CH and 800 nanosecond (ns) when used with the PAR8CH. The PARGPS sits outside the PC and stacks with the PARxCH (x=1,4,8).

The PARGPS board provides both time and location data on an ongoing real time basis as analog data is acquired. It uses the industry standard RS232 NMEA messages for location and coarse timing, and the highly accurate pulse per second (PPS) signal for precision time. The NMEA messages are connected to the PC by a standard DB9 serial port cable to COM1 or COM2. The PPS signal is fed directly to the digital I/O connector of the PARxCH for processing by the A/D system.

Included with the system is full software support for Win2K/XP and Linux. The PARxCH acquisition and display programs such as scope and simp have been upgraded for GPS support, along with a new DAT file format for storing acquired data along with ongoing time and location information. Additional utilities are included for various operations with the time information. For developing custom applications, low level functions that control the PARGPS are supplied as static, DLL or shared libraries drivers. Full source code is included and the PDF user manual contains circuit diagrams.

The PARGPS comes with all the accessories you need to start time stamping acquired data. These include software, manual (PDF), mini-mag antenna, 6' serial port cable, PARxCH digital I/O cable, PARxCH daisy chain power cable, and desktop enclosure.

Specifications Table

For more detailed specifications, please see the User Manual.

Time Stamp Accuracy: Typical: 10 usec  FAQ note 
PPS Connection: 15 pin male D-Shell to PARxCH digital I/O  FAQ note 
NMEA Connection: 9 pin female D-Shell to PC serial COM1 or COM2  
NMEA Messages: GGA and RMC (GGA + ZDA for Rev C)  FAQ note 
Antenna Type: Mini-mag provided with 5 meter cable  FAQ note 
Antenna Connection: 9 pin male D-Shell, digital (SMB coax for Rev C)  
Power Requirements: 9 to 24 vdc or vac, 9 volts DC preferred,
85ma @+9v (130ma for Rev C)
Power Connection: 2.1mm jack, center ground  
GPS Receiver: Garmin GPS 18x LVC (Trimble ACE-III for Rev C)  
Board Dimension: 5.25" W x 6.00" D, same as PAR4CH  
Enclosure Dimension: 5.50" W x 1.63" H x 6.50" D  
Supported OS: Win2K/XP, Linux, LabVIEW  FAQ note 
ROHS Compliance: Compilant by exemption  FAQ note 
Price: See "in the box" table below  

Documents PDF icon and Software

These documents represent the complete specs for this product. They can also be found on our Legacy Downloads page.

PARGPS Documents & Software
Category Description Rev File # bytes
HTML PARGPS software summary      
Product Flyer PARGPS specs 2012/01/04 flypargps.pdf 48,027
User Manual PARGPS user manual 2007/12/09 manpargps.pdf 38,891
System Software Windows 2K/XP 2020/08/05 9,876,064
System Software Linux (Fedora 13) 2010/10/05 parlnx.tar 6,161,920

Price Table

The following items may be purchased individually or at a discount as a bundled "in the box" system. When purchasing a PARGPS "in the box" system, the following are included:

Item Description Price
BOARD-PARGPS GPS Timing unit with PPS and NMEA outputs $150
CASE-PARGPS Vinyl coated steel enclosure with rubber feet $40
PARGPS-GPS-DB09 5 meter magnetic mount 5V GPS antenna with DB09 female connector $90
PARGPS-GPS-FLANGE-MOUNT 3.38" diameter flange mount for screw mounting the GPS antenna $15
CABLE-DB09-MF-6 Six foot DB09 male to female molded RS232 cable sends NMEA to PC $8
CABLE-RIBBON15-FF 5" DB15 female to female ribbon cable sends PPS to PARxCH digital IO $5
CABLE-2.1-MM 6" power cable with 2.1mm plugs on each end for daisy chaining power $5
CD-PARGPS CD with software and PDF user manual $1
  Individual item subtotal = $314
  "In the box" discount ( box contents photo ) - $29
PARGPS Final price (how to order) = $285


Some users may want to consider these options, although none are necessary as the PARGPS will work fine in its standard configuration.

PARGPS Options
Item Description Price
9 vdc wall transformer (US 110 or Euro 220 vac) for powering the
PARGPS separately rather than daisy chaining with the PARxCH
PARGPS-GPS-DB09 Be careful where you stretch out the 5 meter cable or buy a spare antenna to have on hand in case something unexpected happens to the one included in the standard bundle. $90

PARGPS-GPS-DB09 Spec Sheet

A Garmin GPS 18x LVC antenna terminated to a 9 pin D-shell for use with the PARGPS. Puck has integrated mag mount. A PARGPS-GPS-DB09 is included with every PARGPS order.
Antenna Type: Garmin GPS 18x LVC puck, black
Puck Size: 2.4 inch diameter, 0.77 inch high
Cable Length: 5 meter
Connector: 9 pin D-shell
Power From: PARGPS DB9
Use With: PARGPS back panel DB9
Price: $90


This flange mount is for use with the Garmin GPS 18 LVC antenna. Allows for easy fastening to drillable surfaces.
Materials: Black anodized aluminum
Price: $15 Copyright © Symmetric Research