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Cables and Accessories for use with SR products
Terminal boards, test leads, and wall transformers are also included here

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Cables & Etc
Product Use With Description Price
CABLE-USB4CH-ANALOGIN-WIRE USB4CH Analog input, DB15 to tinned wire $25
CABLE-USB4CH-ANALOGIN-ALLI USB4CH Analog input, DB15 to alligator $45
CABLE-USB8CH-ANALOGIN-WIRE USB8CH Analog input, DB37 to tinned wire $30
CABLE-USB8CH-ANALOGIN-ALLI USB8CH Analog input, DB37 to alligator $60
CABLE-SER1CHUAIN-ANALOGIN SER1CH-UA-1in Analog input, 6-pin dwh to alligator $20
CABLE-SER1CHUAIN-RS232 SER1CH-UA-1in RS232/Power, 8-pin dwh to DB9+2.1mm $20
CABLE-VREF399-BANANA6 VREF-399 Banana plug with solder tab (set of 6) $14
CABLE-VREF399-ANALOGOUT VREF-399 Banana plug to alligator clip (set of 3) $20
CABLE-DB09-MF-6 GENERIC Extension cable, Dshell 9 pin, 6 ft $8
CABLE-DB25-MF-6 GENERIC Extension cable, Dshell 25 pin, 6 ft $8
CABLE-USB-AB-6 USBxCH USB, 6 ft, type A to type B $8
CABLE-USB-AB-3 USBxCH USB, 3 ft, type A to type B $8
GPS-ANTENNA-G16X-DB9 USBxCH Garmin 16x HVS antenna terminated to DB9 $90
GPS-MAG-MOUNT-G16X USBxCH Garmin 16x magnetic mount $15
CABLE-USBGPS-DB9/25 USBxCH GPS, DB9M to DB25F and 2.1mm power $30
TRANS-SWITCHER-09V-DC USBxCH, SERxCH 110-220 vac to 9 vdc transformer (US plug) $15
TRANS-LINEAR-US-12V-DC VREF-399 Linear 110 vac to 12 vdc US transformer $15
TRANS-LINEAR-EURO-12V-DC VREF-399 Linear 220 vac to 12 vdc Euro transformer $15

Specialized cables can make connecting to SR products easy.
To find out more, click on a product in the table above.

DWH = discrete wire housing.

Linear wall transformer supplies are limited.

Assorted Cables and Etc
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