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Precision DAQ systems with USB and RS232 PC interfaces

Realtime Continuous A/D Systems
Product # Chan Resolution Sampling Rate Connection Price
24 bits DC to 10 kHz USB Port  


24 bits

1 Hz

RS232 Serial Port


A/D Accessories
Product Type Features Use With Price
USBGPS Timing Garmin 16x HVS to 25 pin D-shell USBxCH (x = 4,8) $125
Cables For cables, wall transformers, etc
Beagle SBC For SBC Adapters

SR data acquisition systems provide high resolution A/D performance, with easy to use USB and RS232 interfaces for the PC and small single board (SBC) host computers. External to the host computer, these systems are well separated from the digital PC environment with their own power supplies for quiet operation.

The USBxCH family of products features an "A/D per channel" 24 bit architecture, giving multichannel performance with no skew and exceptionally low crosstalk. They also feature GPS timing interfaces for precision continuous time stamping of acquired data.

The SERxCH family of products also has 24 bit A/D resolution, but with multiplexed inputs and a single A/D converter. Their low power, small size, and easy to use RS232 interfaces make them suitable for many lower cost applications.

Software is included with each system so you have everything you need to acquire data or develop custom applications. SR "in the box" systems come without additional hidden costs and include power supply, cables, and a PDF User Manual with interfacing circuit diagrams.

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USBxCH and SERxCH A/D SYSTEMS PHOTO, x = 1,4,8 Copyright © Symmetric Research