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Our adapter plates make it easy to use SR A/D systems with single board computers like the BeagleBone Black
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Besides standard desktop and laptop computers, SR A/D systems can also be used with small single board computers (SBC).  In particular we offer ready to go software and accessories for use with the BeagleBone Black (BBB).  The BBB is an inexpensive, reliable, and easy to use SBC.

Because of its small size, the BBB is often a good match as a host computer for field boxes that must withstand harsh physical environments.  Search the web to find out more about the BBB and weatherproof box suppliers such as Seahorse, Pelican, and others.

Symmetric Research does not sell SBCs or finished field boxes, but we do offer the following accessories and cables to support building such systems.

Click on an item in the table below, or see our Downloads page for BBB ARM software support.

BBB Stack Adapter Products
Product Features Price
USB4CH-ADAPTER-BBB-PLATE USB4CH/BBB adapter plate only with holes for USB4CH and BBB $30
USB4CH-ADAPTER-BBB-SPACERS USB4CH/BBB adapter mounting spacers and hardware only $10
USB4CH-ADAPTER-BBB-CABLE USB4CH/BBB short USB cable only for adapter stack $10
USB4CH-ADAPTER-BBB-KIT Complete USB4CH/BBB stacking kit and cable $50

BeagleBone Black (BBB) - Use with USBxCH and SERxCH

Measuring 2" x 3", the BBB rev C is small. With a typical web price of $55, it also comes with a full Debian Linux preinstalled !!  The BBB uses separate USB and Ethernet buses making it free from contention errors common with many other SBCs.

With proven reliability, we strongly recommend the BBB rev C for use with the USBxCH and SERxCH over other SBC boards.

Use the USB4CH-ADAPTER-BBB-KIT adapter kit for stacking the USB4CH with the BeagleBone Black.

Other SBCs - NOT supported

Of course there are many other SBCs such as the BBB rev B, Raspberry Pi (RPi), and PC104 boards.  SR does NOT provide support for these systems.  Although they may work with the USBxCH and SERxCH with modifications, customers are on their own when using them.

For example, the RPi uses a shared USB and Ethernet controller bus which leads to collisions and will cause you trouble with the USBxCH. The RPi RS232 serial port is also known to send a spurious start bit each time it is opened and is not ideal with the SERxCH.  These problems plus irregular "small Linux" distributions and non-standard connectors make the BBB an attractive choice over many other SBC computers. Copyright © Symmetric Research