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USBGPS GPS Antenna Spec Sheet

USBGPS Timing System Features

    Time stamping for USB4CH and USB8CH
    Includes magnetic mount
    Daisy chains power from USBxCH A/D
    Connect to USBxCH digital I/O DB25 on front panel
    Extend with simple CABLE-DB09-MF-6 cable
    Price $125 for bundled "in the box" system
    Spec Table
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Product Description

A GPS time stamping "bundle" for the USBxCH family of data acquisition boards. A Garmin GPS 16x HVS antenna is terminated to a 9 pin D-shell and a connecting cable converts from the DB9 to 2.1mm power and a DB25 providing easy connection to the USBxCH A/Ds. Guaranteed 800 nanosecond accuracy. Continuous time and location information.

The bundled "in the box" system comes with the accessories you need to start time stamping your data. These include GPS antenna, magnetic mount, and connecting cable.

Specifications Table

For more detailed specifications, please see the USBxCH and Garmin 16X User Manuals.

Use With: USB4CH or USB8CH  
Antenna: Garmin 16x HVS  
Connect To: Digital I/O DB25 on USBxCH front panel  
Price: $125  

Price Table

The following items may be purchased individually or at a discount as a bundled "in the box" system. When purchasing a USBGPS "in the box" system, the following are included:

Item Description Price
GPS-ANTENNA-G16X-DB9 Garmin model 16x HVS GPS antenna terminated to a female DB9 $90
GPS-MAG-MOUNT-G16X Screw on magnetic mount for GPS-ANTENNA-G16X-DB9 $15
CABLE-USBGPS-DB9/25 Custom cable, connects GPS antenna DB9 to USBxCH DB25 $30
  Individual item subtotal = $135
  "In the box" discount ( box contents photo ) - $10
USBGPS-INTHEBOX Final price (how to order) = $125 Copyright © Symmetric Research