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General Questions
How do I order ?
How much does it cost ?
Can I purchase it on my credit card ?
What is your address, email, phone, etc ?
Do you sell to international customers ?
What Operating Systems do you support (Windows, Linux, etc) ?
Do you include source code with your software ?
Is the software complete ?
What compilers can I use with your software ?
What is a device driver ?
Do you supply any DLL libraries ?
Can you send me complete specs ?
How do I get a copy of the circuit diagrams ?
Do you have any Application Notes ?
What about the difference between 220v and 110v power ?
Will a 12vdc wall transformer work with the VREF-399 ?
What is your ROHS and WEEE status ?
Data Acquisition Questions - General
What do abbreviations like DAQ, DAS, A/D, ADC, D/A, DAC mean ?
What is the difference between instrument and audio grade A/D converters ?
Why is memory buffering important for A/D systems ?
How do oversampling and signal averaging affect resolution ?
Why does sigma delta A/D resolution vary with sampling rate ?
What is analog multiplexing ?
What is the trouble with high impedance analog inputs ?
What is an active sensor ? What is a passive sensor ?
What are differential inputs ?
What are balanced differential inputs ?
My sensor only has two pins, what do I do for differential AGND ?
How do I calibrate the A/D converters ?
Is twisted pair good for analog inputs ?
How much crosstalk is there between channels on your A/D products ?
What is the format of your data files ?
Data Acquisition Questions - USBxCH specific
What sampling rates are allowed on the USBxCH ?
What is the maximum achievable sampling rate on the USBxCH ?
How much crosstalk is there between channels on the USBxCH ?
What is the analog input range of the USBxCH ?
What is the overvoltage protection range of the USBxCH ?
Does the USBxCH have any digital input/output capabilities ?
What is the impedance of the USBxCH analog inputs ?
What is the input sensitivity of the USBxCH ?
How do I calibrate the USBxCH A/D converters ?
What length USB cable can I use with the USBxCH ?
What GPS antennas can I use with the USBxCH ?
How does your USBxCH GPS time stamping work ?
Can I use the USBGPS by itself to get time without the USBxCH ?
What is the typical USBxCH GPS time accuracy ?
What NMEA messages are available with the USBGPS and what is their format ?
Why is the USBGPS time not working ?
How can I set the PC time with the USBGPS ?
Data Acquisition Questions - SERxCH specific
Where can I find more info and FAQ answers on the SERxCH ?
What is a ratiometric application ?
Can I use the SERxCH with Excel, MatLab, VisualBasic, LabView, TestPoint ?
What analog input voltage ranges are possible for the SERxCH ?
Why does waving my hand over the SERxCH change the DVM voltage ?
Do static shocks hurt the SERxCH inputs ?
Do the SERxCH have any digital buffering ?
Is there any antialiasing filter on the SERxCH ?
Do the SERxCH systems perform GPS time stamping ?
What format are the SER1CH-UA output files in ?
What kind and length of RS232 serial cable does the SER1CH-UA require ?
Will USB to RS232 dongles work with the SER1CH-UA ?
Why is the SER1CH-UA consuming more than 10ma ?
GPS Questions - General
What do abbreviations like GPS, PPS, NMEA mean ?
What GPS antennas can I use with your products ?
Can I use GPS in my basement ?
What if the antenna cable is too short to reach the window ?
Why is my GPS giving 19 year old dates ? Copyright © Symmetric Research