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Mobile Tips

The following tips may be helpful when viewing the Symmetric Research website on mobile phones
Many are obvious, but even the obvious may be of use to new mobile users

Tip 1 - Landscape mode

If needed, rotate your phone so the long direction is horizontal.  More of each page will be visible at once.

Tip 2 - Double tap

Double tapping in part of a page often zooms to that item. Double tap again to return.  For example, on the home page double tap on the green nav bar on the left and it will expand so the links are easier to read and click. Double tap again to restore to the previous zoom level.  Paragraphs and table cells also zoom nicely when double tapped.

Tip 3 - Two finger zoom

Spread two fingers on the screen for a custom zoom.

Tip 4 - Swipe left/right

A swipe from left to right returns to the previous page. Once you've gone back, you can swipe the other direction to return to the page you came from.  Left and right swipes are the analog of the Alt+leftarrow and Alt+rightarrow keystrokes on the desktop.

Tip 5 - Breadcrumb

Near the top of most pages is a breadcrumb trail which starts with the words "Home Page". Although not shown in the typical link colors, all entries in the breadcrumb are clickable except for the last one which represents the current page being displayed.  Clicking on the mosaic icon in the top left corner also returns to the home page. Copyright © Symmetric Research